Ben's BMX Bonanza - Terms and Conditions


Welcome to Ben’s BMX Bonanza

We are the charity event that keeps on giving! We now have this beautiful Raleigh Mag Burner, 2008 anniversary model.

This beautiful creation has been lovingly brought to life by long time Ringer Rob Al Dente, with a little help from others.

  • Collected by Gill Dennett from Cheshire and brought to Southampton by one of her work customers
  • The wheels were collected from Weston Super Mare by Richard Winton-Griffiths and dropped in Swindon where Rob picked them up
  • Rob stripped the bike, and handed it over to Ben to take it to Jamie Testa who had it repainted
  • The bike has been rebuilt and now has new decals that Dougtheslug  donated
Finished as a custom bike with very hard to find purple Skyway tuff2 wheels and custom purple decals. It is sure to turn heads at any show

As the bike is not new it does not have a warranty. It has been stripped and rebuilt using its original 2008 parts plus 2nd hand donor parts (wheels, tyres, grips).

Whilst Rob is a competent bicycle mechanic, the winner of this bike assumes all risks in riding this bike.

It is recommended that after approximately 4 weeks of use the winner should have the bike checked by a competent person. This will ensure nothing has come loose or needs adjusting.

The bike will be fitted with a full set of reflectors to make it road legal.

Stunt riding is dangerous and could lead to injury and damage to the bicycle. The bike should be used for its intended purpose only.

Riding bikes is fun and makes a good form of exercise. Always ride within your capabilities , always wear your helmet, protection and suitable clothing.

    How to enter:

    You must donate a minimum of £5 into the BMX Bonanza Just Giving Page.

    Please make sure that your full name is displayed. We will not accept anonymous donations or those for first name only and if received as such then your money will be lost. 

    If your name on the Facebook group is different to your name on Just Giving please identify yourself in the donation comments or in a Facebook private message to Ben.

    For each £5 you donate, Ben will allocate you a number.

    There is no limit to the amount of numbers you can purchase.

    The numbers will be listed at the top of the Run the Ring Facebook Group page.

    Terms and conditions.

    1. You will be allocated the next number in sequence. No numbers are transferable and will be issued only upon payments being received.
    2. Closing date to enter will be Friday 11th September at Midnight.
    3. The draw will take place on Sunday 13th September at 1pm.
    4. The draw will be made using a Random Number Generator.
    5. The draw will be streamed live on the Run the Ring Facebook group.
    6. One winner will be drawn.
    7. Entrants must be 18 or over.
    8. No person previously or currently representing the RTR administration team can enter, this includes family members thereof.
    9. The maximum amount of donations entered into the draw will be 120 (£600). Therefore maximum odds will not exceed 120-1
    10. The minimum amount of donations required will be 70 (£350).
    11. If the minimum donation does not reach 70 tickets allocated before the close date then a cash prize alternative will be offered. This will amount to 70% of all donations to the Bens BMX Bonanza.
      NOTE this refers to the amount raised by Bens BMX Bonanza only and does not in any way suggest or imply that any further funds raised alongside by Run the Ring is included. The remaining 30% of donations will go directly to papyrus.
    12. You must be able to collect the bike from South Mimms Services. Bignells Corner, Potters Bar, EN6 3QQ directly after the event (20/9/2020).
    13. You must provide ID for verification when collecting the bike that matches the donators details.
    14. You will be expected to sign a handover agreement at collection.
    15. If you are the winner, you authorise us to take and use, for publicity and marketing purposes, a photo/video featuring you with the BMX.
    16. We reserve the right to change or amend any part of this agreement if we experience exceptional circumstance. Although we will do our upmost to avoid this.
    17. If for any reason we are unable to proceed with Run the Ring on the 20th September an alternative arrangement for collection of the BMX will be made.
    18. You are making a charity donation and as such no refunds are given.
    19. Please note this draw runs alongside the RTR event and does not form part of the registration pack.