How it works & FAQ's

Run the Ring is a cruise around the M25 motorway which is 117 miles. It will start on Sunday 24th September 2023.

The cruise is open to all models of Volkswagen. We keep the cruise to no faster than 50mph and it normally takes around 2-3 hours to complete.

The cruise normally starts at 1 of the 4 services around the M25 and  Beaconsfield on the M40.

The registration pack will include all of the information that you need for the day, including the start times from each service’s.

Select the service station where you would like to start and then buy a Registration Pack for that location. 

You will be sent a Registration Pack nearer to the date which will contain 2 x Large Stickers, 1 x Small Sticker & 1 x Windscreen Sticker and some further information. Please be aware that we send them in batches and do this around our full-time jobs. Don’t worry, they will arrive in plenty of time for the event.

Depending on your start point, your instructions will inform you of an estimated time to arrive. This will give you enough time for the loo, a coffee and a walk around the car park to see the hundreds of VW's taking part.

We will have a leader at each of the services who will let you know when it is time to leave. We will try and link up all 5 services to make one long cruise of VW's.

Whilst we all love to drive our VW's, we also understand that this event is not the most environmentally friendly and therefore we have partnered up with PATT Foundation to plant trees and offset our carbon footprint. 

We have a dedicated radio show for Run the Ring on the day hosted by VDUB Radio to keep you entertained.

This year we will be raising money and awareness for Dogs for Autism. 

All you have to do is register :-)

Your payment is a donation to charity and as such, in the very unlikely event that we are unable to proceed with this event, there will be no refund. All profits will be donated to this year’s chosen charities.


Q: How can I register for Run the Ring?

A: Go to the website and purchase a Registration Pack.

Q: When will I get my pack?

A: We do not send the packs out at the time of registration, they will be sent in batches before the event.

Q: What time does it start?

A: All the start times and information are in the Registration Pack. We do not publish the details to prevent those that decide to just turn up without donating.

Q: The Services I want to start at has sold out?

A: We have limited space in some of the services and therefore do not want to overwhelm them. Start at one of the other services, as it will still be just as much fun.

Q: How do I keep informed on the day?

A: Tune in to VDub Radio on your phone, via bluetooth or car stereo input and listen to the Run the Ring Radio Show.

Q: Am I able to stop for toilet breaks?

A: Of course you can, although the cruise will not stop. If you are quick, you can catch up again.

Q: I do not have a VW, can I bring my other <insert make here> car?

A: No, we are very sorry but this a VW cruise.

Q: Where are my Stickers?

A: The admin behind Run the Ring have to work around their day jobs. They are sent out in batches and will be sent in plenty of time before the event. You will receive an email when the pack is dispatched.

Q: Can I put the stickers onto my paintwork?

A: We do not recommend it on old paint. Its better if you attach them to your glass. Many others have purchased magnetic sheets from eBay and applied stickers.

Q: What happens when we finish?

A: We have an after event called Gathering.

Q: Is there anywhere to stay for the weekend?

A: There are hotels at each service’s and many local hotels close to the event. You can stay overnight at the services car parks but you need to pay them. You can camp at Henfold Lakes for the weekend.